Bringing Christians Together

The purpose of is to bring Christians from all streams of the Restoration Movement together online to share information, inspiration, and fellowship.

Our goal is to foster unity between all churches in the movement and to promote a better understanding of one another.

Restoration and Unity

The Restoration Movement started with a desire to unite all Christians through the rejection of manmade creeds and tests of fellowship, and the embracing of the Bible as the only pattern for pratice and belief in the church.

While goals and practices have changed over the years for many, the focus of the Restoration Movement remains on unity and restoration.  The following links involve unity and/or restoration, or are National pages for different streams of the movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you supported by a church or under the oversight of a group of elders?

No, currently we receive no financial support from any congregations, nor are we under the oversight of any particular church.  We are not opposed to receiving support if you wish to underwrite our efforts.

2. Are you trying to push for change in our churches?  Do you want to push for changing doctrines such as instrumental music in worship?

It is not our intent to push or encourage any type of doctrinal change in any of the churches of the Restoration Movement.  Our purpose is to bring invididual Christians together – from all branches of the Restoration Movement.  We are all baptized believers in Christ, so we are all children of the father, and therefore brothers and sisters in the Lord.

3. Where do you go to church?

Supporters of this work attend various churches within the Restoration Movement.  The webmaster attends an a capella church of Christ and is generally considered fairly “conservative.”

4. Are you trying to consolidate all four branches into one big “Christian Church?”

No, that is not our intent.  The distinct doctrines of each group in the Restoration Movement are the result of deeply held beliefs and positions.  Many of those are beliefs are positions of conscience.  It is not our intent to amalgumate the churches into one, but to unite individual Christians with their brothers and sisters across the movement.

5. What does it mean to be christian?

Disciples of Christ

 The Disciples of Christ are the liberal stream of churches in the Restoration Movement.  Doctrinal distinctives include baptism believers and weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper.  The Disciples of Christ practices open membership.

Churches of Christ

Churches of Christ are the most conservative churches of the Restoration Movement. Doctrinal distinctive include a capella music, baptism for the remission of sins, and weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper. Churches of Christ are usually amillennial.